What To Do If You Hit A Deer With Your Vehicle

Deer and other wild animals are probably the most unpredictable thing that can happen on a roadway. Even if you think you’re aware of your surroundings, it can still happen.

When it comes to “How is it covered on my insurance?” It actually falls under your Comprehensive coverage, even though it’s a “collision.” This means that the accident will not likely increase your insurance rates.

Here are the steps to take if you hit a deer:

  • Pull over as soon as possible to a safe place and turn on your hazards
  • If the deer is near you, DON’T approach it. It could potentially jump up and you could get hurt in the process
  • Call the local Police or Game Warden to report the accident.
  • Document all damage done to your vehicle and call your insurance agent or company to start a claim

Be sure to contact an agent to go over this with you. If you don’t have an agent and need a policy in Texas, please reach out to me:

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