Our Mission is to Provide More Than Insurance

The Harrell Agency’s mission is to find the best insurance solutions that will help our clients pursue and simplify their personal growth and life planning. We live every day by our core values while providing the highest quality of service and knowledge to exceed your highest expectations.

Our vision is to become an integral part of the community by not only helping to insure the future of those who call Texas home, but by building lasting relationships, encouraging individual and family growth, and most of all; bringing confidence and passion back to the American Dream.

Here To Help Insure Your Freedom

Brad Harrell of TWFG Harrell Insurance
Brad Harrell – Owner
Harrell Drugs Original Store
Harrell Drugs – Family Store in 1960s
Harrell Family
The Harrell Family

Owner and trusted Agent Brad Harrell was born and raised in Mansfield, Texas. A 5th generation Texan, he graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2012.

After college, Brad married his high school sweetheart Jessie Harrell in 2013. They’ve been together over 15 years with two kiddos, Madison (Madi), and Caden, and now live in Fort Worth, Texas.

Brad comes from a proud family of entrepreneurs, and business ownership is in his blood. His family served their community for decades as business owners, operators, and skilled innovators of various trades. It’s from his strong family ties that Brad learned his patriotism and work ethic, which he preserves in his own business to one day pass down to his family.

Brad entered the Insurance Industry in 2014 and for the next six years worked directly for two of the largest insurance providers in the country. During this time he realized that representing one particular company wasn’t always the best solution for his clients. He knew he could do better. In September 2020 Brad decided to open his own independent agency with TWFG (The Woodlands Financial Group) giving him the opportunity to meet his goals of providing his clients with more options, better coverage, and a price that works for them.

At the Core of Our Business

At The Harrell Agency we believe in providing the best service to our clients and their families every day. To do this, we live by our core values that allow us to inspire, care for, and connect with our communities in the best ways possible.

H – Honesty
Honesty is the best policy, no matter the circumstances.

A – Audacity
Audacity allows us to express gratitude for what we have, always do the right thing, and seek to be better.

R – Radical
Radical differentiators between us and “the other guys” drive us to continuously improve our skills, learn, grow, and set the bar higher.

R – Respect
Respect is non-negotiable towards others’ decisions, even if our views may differ.

E – Empathy
Empathy allows us to be there through the hard times – when it matters most.

L – Loyalty
Loyalty facilitates reliability, confidence, and longstanding relationships.

L – Leadership
Lead by example for our clients, family, and other innovators in the industry.

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